Painting in Bali

August 12, 2013

Visitors to our Bali luxury villa often find that their surroundings inspire an artistic urge, especially after admiring the paintings by Mohammed that decorate each room of our private villa. There are so many art studios near our Bali villa that can help channel and guide this inspiration that it is impossible to list them all. Here are a few of particular interest to those looking for things to do in Bali that result in a beautiful work of art to take home.

The Bali Center for Artistic Creativity (BCAC)  offers classes, courses, workshops, seminars and instruction to individuals and groups interested in discovering, experimenting, developing or extending their artistic creative talents and skills. They truly offer “art for everyone”, with classes for everyone from kids and families to retirees. BCAC also hosts art therapy workshops and longer retreats, for those looking for a deeper dive.

If you are looking to learn more about traditional Balinese arts, look no further than the Museum Puri Lukisan. Painters can learn classical Kamasan-style painting depicting characters from the famous Ramayana and Mahabhrata stories. In addition to painting, the museum hosts classes that cover a wide range of Balinese arts: kite making, basket weaving, batik, gamelan playing, Balinese dance, and probably any other Balinese art you have admired during your stay about our private Bali villa.

Lastly, Pranoto’s Art Gallery  offers a more personal experience –private painting lessons and Life drawing classes with models. Whatever medium you choose to capture the beauty of our island, you will find a class in nearby Ubud to help you accomplish your vision.

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